This series is inspired by the novel De Brief Voor De Koning written by Tonke Dragt. Will Davis is the primary writer of the six-part series. Alex Holmes and Felix Thompson have directed it. It has only one season until now. FilmWave company has produced the show with the executive producers’ Will Davis and Paul Trijbits. The show has gotten a few mixed reviews with Jack Seale of the Guardian commenting that this show doesn’t feel like an adult’s show that the kids can enjoy or vice versa. This coming of age story is filled with romance and fights. Fans of the book had a mixed response too. A reviewer from Digital Spy said that the show doesn’t justify high expectations. Still, it is a good enough watchable series for young kids to enjoy.

What is the plot about?

The show is about Tiuri who wants to become a knight and trains to be one too. Due to certain circumstances, he comes in contact with a dying man who entrusts him with responsibility. He has to deliver a message to the King Favian about the plot of treachery hatched by Prince Viridian. All of the six episodes of the letter for the King explore the protagonist’s relationship with his peers. The show focuses on the dynamic between him and Lavina. They try to figure out the bigger picture in season 1. The end of season 1 had a big twist with a man being reborn and death in a battle.

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Will there be a season 2?

There is no official announcement about season 2 yet. It has not been renewed either by Netflix. If it gets renewed, the announcement should come soon. The first season was released back in March of this year. An update is expected soon. If there is going to be a season 2, it should be released in next year. Even if that doesn’t happen, the second season will premiere in early 2022.