The Misadventures Of Hedi And Cokeman

Hedi and Cokeman have bad luck in Paris. In this raw comedy based on a web series, two dysfunctional dealers try every day to start their little drug business.

Main roles in this series:

• Hedi Bouchenafa
• Nassim Lyes
• Fred Testot

Release date:

Coming on February 10
Based on the fun Julien Royal web series, this comedy comedy stars Hedi Buchenafa and Nasim Lais

More details about the series:

Genre: France, criminal, Comedy, comedy, dark comedy. This movie is Raw and Stupid.


• Hedy Buchenafa
Hedi Bouchenafa is the actor best known for “The Untouchables” (2011), “Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman” (2021) and “Les Gorilles” (2015).
• Nasim Lie
Nassim Lais is a French actor of Algerian descent who will soon star in Sasha Baron Cohen in “Spy” (2019) Gideon Raff for Netflix and in “They Were Ten” (M6) (2020).
• Fred Dough
Frederic Giacomo Testo, known as Fred Testo, is a French actor, comedian and director. Testot has appeared in a variety of film, theater and television productions since he rose to prominence in the 2000s when he worked intensively with Omar Sy on the series Service après-vente des émissions on Canal +.
• Julie Ferier
Julie Ferier (born December 5, 1971 in London) is a French actress, comedian, dancer, writer and theater director.
• Benjamin Tranie
• Hugh Jourdan
Hugh Jourdan, actor is a well-known actor with
Ami-ami (2018)
L’esprit de famille (2019)
Les vétos (2019)

• Charlotte Gabris
Charlotte Gabris is the most famous actress with À liebe (2016), Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio (2018) and Épouse-moi mon pote (2017).
• Vincent Desagant
• Nina Kepekyan
• Judge Cemili
• Bun-hay Mean

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About The Series:

Ava Moriarty, a PhD student in art history who has become a dominatrix, wants AUT. But there are no words of protection for the gold handcuffs. When a former gangster gives him 30 days to pay off a large loan, he has to agree to a permanent job – seducing and blackmailing “Pastor Dracula”, a small town bishop priest. But Father Radovan Markovic also took his own secret from Serbia into the moonlight as an MMA fighter and accidentally hid the world’s biggest lost image. Not to mention that she’s the only hot person who shuns Ava as a loose light. Will she definitely get an invaluable art collection, will she win her heart just to destroy her life, or will she punish herself for a certain pair of stilettos? Rating information – multiple languages, alcohol use, violence and impressive dialogue. No nudity or sex scenes.