neighborhood season 3

Jim Reynolds has created the sitcom series called “The Neighborhood”. This show made its debut on 1st October 2018. It was broadcast on the CBS network. This sitcom is about a Midwestern family as they manage to shift to a predominantly African American neighborhood. This is all about their experiences as they shift to Pasadena, California. The show was popular enough that the network arranged for a second season too. The second season was released on 23rd September 2019. There are only two seasons till now with a total of 43 episodes. Each episode stretches for about 22 minutes.

Sometimes all viewers want a light-hearted show which is suitable for people of all ages. If that’s you, “The Neighborhood” will satisfy your needs perfectly. This show doesn’t have a lot of great reviews from the critics but “The Neighborhood” has managed to attract and maintain a pretty loyal viewership. The light-hearted concepts and good humor are the show’s best features.

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When will the third season release?

As mentioned before, the show’s second season had come out on 23rd September 2019. The second installment had a total of 11 episodes. After that, the second half was aired from 6th January 2020. The 22nd episode of the second part of the season was aired on 4th May.

There is great news for the fans because the network has approved the show for making another season. The permission was granted soon after the second season finale. But the thing is, Covid-19 has delayed a lot of production work. So, the fans may have to wait longer than expected. There might be some time before season 3 comes to our screens. If we had to guess, we would say that the third season of “The Neighborhood” will come out in 2021.

What is the story about?

The series focuses on the challenges of a man called Dave Johnson. He has to move because of his wife’s professional requirements. They are quite in a pickle as they realize that they are surrounded by African American families in their new neighborhood. But the series brings a great plot to the viewers. The unlikely friendship between Dave and his neighbor Calvin is great to watch.