One Piece Chapter 1001

Gomu Gomu no Red Roc and Kaido are licking the dust, do you believe? Lufi managed to cause serious damage to KAIDO !!! With the previous release of One Piece chapters, fans are excited to know the details about One Piece Chapter 1001. In this post we have listed all possible details regarding One Piece 1001 official release date, possible predictions and sources of supply. read legally.

Chapter 1001 Release date

One Piece Manga 1001 is one of the vastly expected chapters on the internet. With the release of the previous chapter, fans are eager to know the official release date of One Piece Chapter 1001. The previous One Piece chapter revealed the official release date of One Piece Chapter 1001. On January 18th, 2021, One Piece Chapter 1001 will be released.

One Piece Chapter 1000 summary

Chapter 1000 of One Piece starts with Luffy and reaches the 5th floor of the tower. Then Luffy got help from Inuarashi’s Musketeer Squad. Inuarashi’s Muscat Division paved the way for Luffy at level 5 and defeated all the enemies there. Lufi shows his gratitude and gratitude – Shishliam, one of the captains of the Inurashi division.
On another board we see Marco facing the King and Queen of Zorro. Marco helps him so that Zorro can easily reach the top of the Onigasimi. Marco Phoenix used his fire to fight the Queen and King and draw them into battle.

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Chapter 1001 Forecast and Speculation

Since the previous One Piece chapter was quite amazing, fans want to know more about One Piece Chapter 1001. So without further ado let’s do predictions and speculations about One Piece 1001-.

Kaido versus the worst generation

As we all saw, Lufi did a new and powerful super attack on Kaido and actually managed to injure him. It’s partly clear that Luffy is serious enough to surpass Kaido and Big Mom.

Luffy’s new form

Luffy’s new form is eagerly awaited in this part of Chapter 1001 or in the following chapters. The head of One Piece previously launched a new attack that worked against Kaido-Gomu Gomu no Red Roc. So Luffy’s new form is eagerly awaited.

Spoiler for Head One 1001 revealed

Leaks for a piece of Chapter 1001:
One Piece Chapter 1001 leaks and spoilers were recently revealed. According to information, One Piece 1001 is entitled “The decisive battle of Onigashima”. There was also a headgear – Jinbe was sleeping on top of the jellyfish.
Kaido will be surprised to see Lufi’s immense power when Lufi hits him with a very strong punch. Zoro will solve where Luffy learned from the move. The boy was amazed to see Luffy in action against Kaido.

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Where can you see a part of Chapter 1001?

One Piece Chapter 1001 is available for free from Viz Media and Mangaplus. However, we strongly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on unofficial websites. New chapters appear every week.