The Old Guard is an upcoming movie releasing on Netflix. Gina Prince is the director of the movie. Gina Prince is the director of The Old Guard (2020), Beyond the Lights (2014) and The Secret Life of Bees (2008), The fans of the Old guard are frantically waiting for the cinematic adaption.  Old Guard is an American superhero film. The movie is an adaptation of the comics book of the same name.  The movie is featuring Charlize Theron as the lead character of the movie.

The Old Guard Plot:

The movie is the adaption of the comics, The Old Guard.   Story features the Oscar-winning actor, Charlize Theron as Andy. Andy is an immortal warrior. She is the leader of a cover group of immortal missionaries. They are the protectors of humankind and the world, fighting for centuries. The plot takes a turn when the team is out for an emergency and the world sees their abilities.

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The team soon gets threats for further exposition and also to monetize their services. The team later takes on a group that alters the genetic code which prevents anyone from dying. This group plans to weaponize this coding and use it to gain world power.

It is up to Andy, how she eliminates these threats and cleans up the cover group. The recent trailer released shows Andy leading the group in the various fights. Charlize Theron supposedly injured her hand during the shooting of the movie. She went through three surgeries for the broken ligament.

The Old Guard Release Date:

Netflix recently released the first trailer of the movie. The trailer received positive remarks from anyone. The expectation from the movie is very high, as the graphic novel, was widely loved by the readers.

The key point of the movie is unexceptional cinematography, great action scenes, widely loved storyline, and yes Oscar-winner Charlize Theron. The movie is set to stream on Netflix on July 10.

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  • Charlize Theron as Andy / Andromache of Scythia
  • KiKi Layne as Nile Freeman
  • Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker / Sebastian le Livre
  • Marwan Kenzari as Joe / Yusuf Al-Kaysani
  • Luca Marinelli as Nicky / Nicolo di Genova
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Copley
  • Harry Melling
  • Veronica Ngo