The Penthouse 3 Episode 7: Everything You Need To Know

The Penthouse 3: If anyone wants a rollercoaster ride of thrill, then one must head to one of the most highly rated K-Drama, “The Penthouse”. After two successful seasons, the fans were eagerly waiting for the third one. Now, that the third season has dropped and is already done with 6 episodes, is time for the next one.

The Penthouse Season 3 Episode 7:

The episode is expected to get released on 16th July 2021.

In episode 6, we saw Seo-Jin return as the director of Cheong-A Arts Center. When she returns, the very first action she takes is to go to a news conference to greet everyone who has supported her decision to change the school system. Everything is going well, but she does not appear to be as pleased as she should be due to Dan Tae’s presence.

Later, Seo-Jin goes to the hospital and sees Eun-Byeol doing better and recuperating. On the other hand, Yoon Hee’s eyes terrify her, so she sits silently and recalls the cliff event when it was discovered that Eun-Byeol was not present at the time, and Seo-Jin assisted in pulling the automobile back over the top of the abyss.

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So, it is yet unpredictable what is holding for episode 7. Penthouse, as a drama, is known best for its cliffhangers and plot-twisting episodes. In fact, most of the predictions fail as the creators don’t fail to surprise their fans.

Story of Penthouse:

The Penthouse” basically revolves around the corruption of the Korean elite education system, and how parents can go to extends to put their child’s name on top. One thing that “The Penthouse” has taught is that one can do anything with money.

All the leads belong to the glamourous estate, Hera Palace, where the values are rotten to the core. And how no one can fear to kill anyone in order to get the things they want.

“The Penthouse” also shows the unity and vengeance of women who were forced to resort to evil in order to defend themselves and their kids.

The cast of The Penthouse:

The following is a part of the brilliant part of the cast:

  • Shim Su-ryeon/Na Ae-kyo by Lee Ji-ah.
  • Cheon Seo-jin by Kim So-yeon.
  • Oh Yoon-hee by Eugene.
  • Joo Dan-tae by Um Ki-joon.
  • Ha Yoon-cheol by Yoon Jong-hoon.
  • Lee Kyu-jin by Bong Tae-kyu.
  • Kang Ma-ri by Shin Eun-kyung.
  • Go Sang-ah by Yoon Joo-hee.
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