The Queen’s Gambit

Scott Frank and Allan Scott have developed this show called “The Queen’s Gambit”. It is an upcoming American show which is adapted from a novel. The name of the novel is also “The Queen’s Gambit” and it was written by Walter Tevis. Scott Frank has directed this series. The team of executive producers includes Scott Frank, Allan Scott, and William Horberg.

What is this series about?

The Queen’s Gambit is centered around the life of an orphan prodigy. The name of the main character is Beth Harmon and she happens to be brilliant at chess. The show focuses on her addiction to success as early as from the age of 8 to 22. Issues of drug addiction also pop up in the show. The cast for The Queen’s Gambit includes the popular actress Anya Taylor-joy. She was earlier seen in the movie called EMMA where she played a completely different role.

It will be quite a change for the audience to watch Any tackle such a role after playing the character of a prim and proper Austen heroine in her earlier work. The role of a child prodigy who has to fight the battle of addicted all the while trying to survive in a male-dominated field is quite a challenge. Beth forms her habit of drugs by taking the tranquilizers at the orphanage. Those drugs were used to sedate the orphans but Beth turns into an addict and that problem does not leave her in her adulthood.

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When will “The Queen’s Gambit” be released?

The first season of the show is rumored to have seven parts. The Queen’s Gambit will be here by 23rd October. Interested viewers can go on Netflix to watch the upcoming drama series. The story of Beth’s life as she boldly tries to manage her destiny is great to see on screen.

Is there a trailer?

Fortunately, there is a trailer for those who want to see the show. You can go watch it if you haven’ already. The trailer was released on 27th August.