The Saint's Magic Power

The Saint’s Magic Power (ijo Se 魔力 は 万能 で す, Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannō Desu) is a Japanese light series written by Yuka Tachibana and illustrated by Yasuyuki Suri. Online serialization began in 2016 on the user-generated website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. The book was later acquired by Fujimi Shobo, who has published six volumes with the title Kadokawa Book since February 2017. The adaptation of manga with art by Fujiazuki has been serialized online through the ComikaWalker website by Kadokawa Shoten since July 2017 and is collected in five volumes at Tanbon. Both the light novel and manga are licensed in North America from Seven Seas Entertainment. An adaptation of the anime TV series Diomedéa has been announced.

New character and narrator designs were unveiled today on the official website of the anime show “The Magical Power of the Holy One are Almighty” (Japanese: “Seijo no Maryoku wa Bann” Desu), which can be found later in this article.

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Anime is produced at Diomedéa:

So far it is only known that the anime show will be produced at Studio diomedéa, known as “Housewife” and “Beatles”. Further details such as the start date or production team participants are still pending.

Author Yuka Tachibana published a fantastic light novel in 2016 on the Shosetsuka ni Narou website. Since February 2017, Kadokawa has published a series that currently consists of five volumes, with illustrations by Yasuyuki Syuri in Japanese stores. An English translation by Seven Seas Entertainment is currently being published.


• Yui I ishikawa as Sei Takanashi
• Takahiro Sakurai as Albert Hawke
• Takuya Eguchi as Johan Valdec
• Yusuke Kobayashi as Yuri Drewes
• Taku Yashiro as a Jew

The Plotline:

Suppose a 20-year-old office worker has been summoned to another world. However, the man who summoned him immediately said, “This is not a saint.”
Unfortunately for Say, another person is “kidnapped” during a spell in the New World and is immediately recognized as a saint. Offended if you leave the palace and look for work.
He began working in the laboratory, producing decoctions and cosmetics there. She uses her magic to fulfill people’s wishes. Gradually people began to suspect that he was indeed a saint.