The Sandman

Netflix has been trying for Original content a lot these days. Thankfully, it has to look no further than the unending supply of comic book stories. For example, the new series called Sandman is based on a comic book story. This series which will be adapted by Netflix was announced way back in 2019. The announcement took place in the DCFanDome panel, which consisted of Dirk Magga, G. Willow Wilson, and Michael Sheen.

What’s the current status?

Because of the pandemic, everything is at a halt. The coronavirus pandemic has managed to turn everything upside down and like all series, “The Sandman” will also be delayed. When Neil Gaiman was contacted, he said even though everything was delayed, he has been using this span of time to get the script as close to perfection as he possibly can. He also said that this process has been “rather fun” for him.

Very slowly but surely the world is trying to return to normal. Gaiman is gearing up to continue the work of production. He is already being sent wonderful designs, which are assisted with 3D technology.

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As the comic book fans might know, the series will be focused on Dream or Morpheus. He is one of the Seven Endless. The comics have various anthroposophical personifications of various characters, it happens to be Gaiman’s trademark. The series will blend elements of mythology and horror seamlessly, it will be foolish to miss it. The comic features Morpheus as he is captured and comes to the realization that change, no matter how much one resists it, will always be inevitable.

The Sandman Trailer

There is no official trailer for the Sandman and there won’t be for the longest time. The Sandman as a comic, is way up there along with the likes of The Watchman or The Dark is Gaiman’s masterpiece, so whenever the trailer comes out, we can be sure that it would be a visual treat.