The Simpsons Season 32

Matt Groening had created an animated series called “The Simpsons” and today, everyone knows the name of this dysfunctional family. He had created the show for The Fox Broadcasting Company. The Simpson family depicts a satirical narrative of the working-class family. The show is based on the titular family consisting of Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, and Maggie.

This series is an excellent parody of the Amerian society and it is set in the imaginary town named Springfield. It is often said that the creator, Matt Groening, has imagined the characters according to his actual family members. Simpson was considered to be a funny name as the word itself had “simp” in it, which can also be understood as “simpleton”.

This is by no means a new show, The Simpsons have been on TV since 1989. The show had made its debut on 17th December of that year. It has a total of 684 episodes and it is indeed America’s longest-running situational comedy show. There is also a movie based on the Simpson family named “The Simpsons Movie”. It came out on 27th July 2007. Till now, we have 31 seasons of the show with each episode running for about 21 to 24 minutes. Now, the fans are eager for the next installment.

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What about the 32nd season?

Our favorite show is all set to return this year. The fans will be glad to know that the show will bring its 32nd season with any delay due to the pandemic situation. The exact release date for “The Simpsons” is 27th September 2020. There were some discussions relating to the voice actors. It was agreed that white actors should not play the part of non-white characters. Whether the change has taken place is a thing to be seen.

As the fans know, the show will continue to focus on the misadventures of Homer Simpson and his family. The show has never failed to amuse its audience and we believe that its 32nd season will not disappoint either.

Is there a trailer?

Sadly, there is no trailer available for now.