the sleepover season 2

The Sleepover is a recent action comedy movie released by Netflix. It was directed by the talented Trish Sie. Sarah Rothschild was responsible for the screenplay. The film is released this year only, just a few days old. It came out on 21st August 2020. The film is centered around a group of children. They are burdened with the task of saving their parents. The movie is kind os split into two plotlines. In one part, the movie focuses on the adults and their secrets. In the other part, we get to see the children through their adventures. The movie does a great job of blending action and humor. As expected, the villains are beaten by the heroes and it is satisfying to watch. But now, fans are already curious about the sequel. Read on to know all about The Sleepover 2!

Will there be a sequel to The Sleepover?

The movie was just released this year, and the making of a sequel depends on the reaction of the audience. Because the movie is just a few days old, it is impossible to measure the approval rating this soon. The Sleepover, which was released on 21st August, has gotten a few mixed reviews when it comes to the critics. Netflix has yet to decide whether it will permit the making of a sequel. If it is released, The Sleepover 2 will not make it to our screens before late 2021.

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Who will be in the cast of The Sleepover 2?

If Netflix allows a sequel to be made, it is only logical to presume that the actors from the previous movie will return for the sequel. The major character is Margot. Malin Akerman plays the role.she has two children Clancy and Kevin. These roles are taken up by Sadie Stanley and Maxwell Simkins. The role of Ron, her husband, is played by Ken Marino. Leo acts as the villain of the movie and Joe Manganiello plays him. He happens to be ex-fiancee of Margot.