The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo

A Netflix documentary

This new Netflix documentary follows the true-crime case of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, the mother whose untiring duty was to bring her daughter’s killer to justice. Marisela Escobedo’s Three Deaths, which hit Netflix on October 14, tells the story of a Mexican mother who refused to let the death of her daughter be just another statistic.

The truth about the incident

Rubí, a 16-year-old teenager, was killed in Ciudad Juárez by her boyfriend.  As a result, Marisela Escobedo began a tireless crusade to capture and prosecute the man who had killed her daughter. Marisela traveled the country for two years with the support of family and friends, conducted her own investigations, and confronted criminal organizations and corrupt officials. She risked her life exposing the failures of the Mexican justice system. According to a survey, in Mexico, 10 women are killed each day and most of the cases go unpunished. In the last two years, Marisela has been working on her own research to understand the femicide of her daughter, shown in the documentary- the three deaths of Marisela Escobedo.

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The film is produced by Laura Woldenberg, Ivonne Gutiérrez, and Sara Rafsky and in conjunction with VICE Studios, Scopio and Escobedo. The film also depicts her perseverance in finding the truth, and her unshakable strength, which continues to be an example for those who have known and are about to discover her history.

When will it be available to watch?

Marisela Escobedo’s Three Deaths will air on Netflix on Wednesday, October 14th.