The Uncanny Counter


An upcoming South Korean television series “The Uncanny Counter” showing Jo Byung-gyu, Kim Se-jeong, and Yum Hye-ran. Based on the Jang Yi’s Daum webtoom Amazing Rumor. Yoo Sun-dong had directed the series that tells the tale of horrible spirits from immortality. Who descend to earth for eternal life and demon hunters called “counters” who catch them. The premiere is planned for OCN on November 28, 2020, and will air every Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:30 pm (KST). Also, it will be accessible to stream on Netflix worldwide.


The Uncanny Counter is a story that is founded over on the web of the same name. And notifies the tale of a monster hunter named “Counters”. Who arrives at the earth as workers of a restaurant with noodles to grab evil spirits who have withdrawn to earth in search of eternal life. Each of them has special skills.


• Jo Byung-gyu as So Moon, a student who is the youngest member at Counter. He has outstanding proficiency in his biological stability.
• Kim Sejong as Do Ha Na can feel evil spirits from hundreds of kilometers away. When he touches someone, she can read their memories.
• Yu Jun sang as Ga Mo-tak who is a former police officer. He had an accident 7 years ago where he lost his memory. He’s a fair man.
• Yum Hye runs as Choo Mae-ok, with healing skills, as a cook at a noodle restaurant. He is the anchor of the Counter.
• Ahn Suk-hwan as Choi Jang-moo, Korea’s first “counter”. He is responsible for managing group expenses.

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More Information

In July 2020, the TV series actor finished. Kim Se-jong is another singer-turned-actor who plays the role of an unusual esper and acts as the team’s radar. The script reading took place in October 2020. The first view was released on 19 October 2020 and provided a glimpse into the character.