The Vision of Escaflowne

Sunrise Studios is responsible for producing this animation series called “The Vision of Escaflowne”. Kazuki Akane has directed the series. The anime had made its debut on 2nd April 1996. The show was broadcasted on Tokyo TV. But that was not the only outlet, the anime was also shown at Animax (Sony’s anime channel). Funimation is currently responsible for licensing the series. When the anime series was being produced, two very different manga was also being created. Yumiko Tsukamoto has also created six light novels based on this series. That is not all because there is even a movie adaptation. The movie was simply titled Escaflowne and was released on 24th June 2000. But the film is not entirely similar in terms of plot, it only bears a slight resemblance

The producers had hoped for a certain level of popularity from the series. But unfortunately, the anime was not that famous in Japan. But that wasn’t a signal of total failure as “The Vision of Escaflowne” was a huge hit almost everywhere else.

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What is the story about?

Almost everyone has heard of Atlantis. In this series, it is shown that the inhabitants of said Atlantis wish for an alternate dimension and as a result of that desire Gaea was created. Gaea consists of 100 different countries and Earth is known as the Mystic Moon over there. The show focuses on the protagonist named Hitomi Kanzaki who is transferred to that strange world. In Gaea’s skies, she can see the planet Earth and the moon. Her psychic powers make themselves known soon and Hitomi finds herself entangled in the conflicts of the Zaibach Empire and other countries.

What does episode 15 and 16 tell us?

Fans who are following the series will agree that the last couple of episodes were concentrated on surviving through wartime. These episodes are more about coming out on the other side of it all. Two characters f the show, Van, and Dilandau are dealing with the war in their own ways which are somewhat similar in nature. That comes as a surprise because it hints about something humane in Dilandau after all. Episode 16 indicates the idea that a character like Dilandau is created rather than born. He could have been nurtured that way in order to serve Zaibach’s needs. But the matter of the vision containing a scary little girl is still not resolved.

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On the other hand, Van fares a bit better at the starting of episode 15. Hitomi helps Van to get back to his normal sate somewhat. There might be a possibility that Van has some feelings for Hitomi but his family remains a priority for him.