the walking dead season 10

The super hit horror-action saga The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series by Tomy Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard. The series is based on the Post-apocalyptic scenario of Earth, where zombies (walkers) roam.
The series was aired on AMC in the United States of America and internationally it was aired on FOX Networks Group. The series was released on 31st October 2010. The series initially had a good grip on the audience but as the series progressed with the seasons, the interest of the viewers began to decline.
The Walking Dead has been renewed for 10 seasons with the latest (10th) season being aired on October 6, 2019.
However, the series has been well acclaimed critically. The Walking Dead has been nominated for various awards such as, “Golden Globe Awards”, and “Writer Guild of America Awards”.

the walking dead season 10
Source: AMC


The story is set up in the post-apocalyptic scenario where mindless zombies (walkers roam freely on the earth. There are some survivors as well who are in constant conflict with the walkers. These survivors live in groups and societies with predefined norms and regulations. These sets of survivors must defeat the walkers daily to survive.
These walkers are attracted to stimuli like gunshots and scents. Earlier it seemed that survivors who were either bitten or scratched by the walkers can get infected by the virus, but later it is revealed that every single survivor is the carrier of the pathogen. The mutation for the pathogen can be activated once the host is dead.
The only way to kill a walker is by damaging its brain or by burning the entire body.

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Season 10 Finale, When to expect?

Although the latest season was released in October 2019, the finale of the season remains unreleased. The finale was supposed to release in April 2020 but is delayed by a couple of months already. The delay was due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Director of the Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero has claimed that season 10 finale will bring chills to the spines of its audience. The finale is set to release later this year although there has been no confirmation on the dates yet.
The good news is that there are confirmed the news of starting of season 11 production very soon.