The Wall Season 4

The Wall will cover 20 episodes in Season 4 and Chris Hardwick is back as the host again. The third season has averaged 3.1 million viewers and a rating of 0.52 on Live+, in a day. The numbers remain consistent even after a three-month gap between its two episodes.

In its third season, the Wall has three episodes left. And the due episodes will air at 8/7c on October 1st, 21st and 28th.  Our 2020 Renewal Scorecard has included season 4 pickups. NBC also just debuted its weakest link reboot host, Jane Lynch. America’s Got Talent hasn’t yet been renewed for season 16 yet. Earlier this month, the show was finishing the shooting of the 15th round with winner Brandon Leake.

The Wall Season 4
Source: The Deadline

Behind the scenes!

In 2016 “The Wall” premiered with contestants competing for the big prize each episode of over $13 million. The Walls executive producers are LeBron James, Maple Carter, Andrew Glassman, and the Host Hardwick. The SpringHill Company and Glassman Media are producing the show. It has been developed with CORE Media by Glassman Media and produced with Universal Television Alternative Studio. 

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The gameplay of The Wall 

The Wall is a 4-story tall (40 ft) pegboard like a bean or pachinko game, and is similar to the board used in The Price Is Right for Plinko’s pricing game. The base of the board is divided into a total of 15 slots with different amounts of U.S. dollars. Eight slots range from $1 to $100 and continue throughout the game while increasing with each round. The balls can be played directly over the seven central cash slots from seven numbered drop zones on the top edge of the board.

Each game is played by a team of two contestants. The team tries to bank all the possible money through proper answers to questions and the arrival in high-value slots. Green balls fall on the board are added to the bank of the team and red balls dropped on the board are removed. The bank has a $0 floor during the entire game.