The White Tiger


The trailer was recently released by Netflix on YouTube and other platforms. The White Tiger is another Indian showcase of Netflix streaming service. The trailer for Priyanka Chopra and Rajkumar Rao will be released on October 28, 2020, this little trailer for viewers to watch at the last minute. Ramin Bahrani’s upcoming film “White Tiger”. In fact, this is Arvind Adiga’s confession of the novel of the same name. This is his Human Booker Award-winning work.

About The Movie

The trailer is about to reveal some information and details. Priyanka and Rajkumar will play a couple of roles whose life will suddenly change and bring freshness to your film. When they were going to travel from India to the US on business work. Along with the two stars, Adarsh Gaurav will play an important role in the upcoming Netflix presentation.

In The White Tiger, he played bad racer Balram Halvey. The trailer originally started with the introduction of Adarsh playing a character in the upcoming film. Balram uses the methods and tricks of his character to get rid of the rich and cunning craftsmen. This owner is a couple played by Priyanka and Rajkummar. The upcoming Netflix movie White Tiger will release on January 22, 2021. Production and filming were in the process since September 2019. Although the work was delayed a little during the epidemic and blockade. But the team chose a reasonable timing. To do this, you need to evaluate the production team.

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Some More information on The White Tiger

Priyanka Chopra, sorting the trailer on social media strategy expresses. So delighted I am to be a portion of this project.” According to our quotations and a few leaks. Priyanka tries to play a picture of Madame Pinky. Who is the first generation of immigrants in America? She is currently in India and plans to travel to the United States with her husband. They have a business or a contract there. There, their life will suddenly change and the story will change. Now let’s wait for new updates.