This Is Us Season 5

Dan Fogelman has created the family drama series called “This Is Us”. The show made its debut on NBC and it was released on 20th September 2016. The show is focused on the lives of two parents and their children. It takes place in various different time frames. The whole series has done its filming in Los Angeles. It has received many nominations and has even won awards for the Best Television Series at the Golden Globe Awards. It is also the recipient of the Best Drama Series at the 7th Critics Choice Awards. This romantic drama has had four seasons till now with a total of 72 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of about 42 minutes.

What is the show about?

This family drama focuses on the lives of three siblings called the Big Three. They are named Kevin, Kate, and Randall and their parents are Jack and Rebecca Pearson. The show is set in the present and it sometimes goes back in the past to show the family’s story. Randall is an African American who was adopted because Pearson’s thought that they were meant to raise three children.

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Season 4 has been released quite some time ago and the fifth part is still not here. The fans are tired of waiting.

Season 5 of “This Is Us” is getting delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of the previous seasons have been released in the month of September but the fifth season is not able to keep up with the previous schedule because of the current pandemic.

When will the fifth season be released?

We have great news for the fans. It seems that the waiting game is finally over and the audience will get to see the fifth season in the month of November. The new season will be released on 10th November 2020 and the first episode will be two hours long.

The show’s writers have said that this season will include the pandemic in its storylines. They have confirmed that the coronavirus will not affect the “planned” ending of the show but it will definitely be included.