Thomas and Friends Season 25

Thomas and Friends is a British children’s animated series. Britt Allcroft is the creator of the show. The animated series premiered on 9 October 1984. It is one of the longest-running children show at present. Thomas and Friends is the adaptation of The Railway Series of books by Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher. The stories of the starting of the show drive inspiration from the events from Awdry’s personal experience. As of now, the show has twenty-four seasons. The latest season of the show released on 2 May 2020.
Initially, Thomas had no dialogues. Thomas became vocal after the twenty-second season. The series managed to maintain a similar fanbase and viewership over the many years. The fans are anticipating the twenty-fifth season of the show. In this article, we will provide you with the recent updates and all the details you need about the show.

Thomas and Friends Plot:

Thomas is a blue train engine. He works at the North Western Railway. Thomas earlier worked as the station pilot at the North Western Railway. He is tired of his work. He longs to get out of the station to explore the world. Henry, Edward, Gordon, and James are the friends of Thomas. Thomas one day saves James from a nasty accident. Looking at the bravery of Thomas, he gets awarded with two extra coaches.

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They race down the tracks, repair broken tracks, and also learn valuable lessons while begetting fun. The show has a very colorful and cheerful scheme. The show features learning in a very light way. This is why the children around the world love the show.

Thomas and Friends Season 25:

‘Thomas and Friends’ is one of the longest-running children’s show. The show came back recently on 2 May 2020 with its twenty-fourth season. The good news is that the creators have announced the release of the twenty-fifth season.
The upcoming season will release in July 2021.

Thomas and Friends Cast:

Joseph May
John Hasler
Tim Bain
David Bedella
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Sheena Bhattessa
Jamie Campbell Bower
Flaminia Cinque
Chipo Chung
Tina Desai
Jules de Jongh
Jonathan Forbes
Anna Francolini
Teresa Gallagher
Bob Golding
Mike Grady
Rasmus Hardiker
William Hope
Siu-see Hung
Togo Igawa
Shane Jacobson
Rufus Jones
Harriet Kershaw