Three-Body Problem

Three-Body Problem is a science fiction drama created by Alexander Blood’s True Blood and Game of Thrones authors David Benioff and DB Weiss. The Three-Body Problem is an adaptation of the famous Chinese trilogy of the same name by Liu Qixing. Netflix has signed an agreement with The Three-Body Universe and Yoozoo Group for the rights to produce an adaptation of the book in English. This sci-fi drama is produced by Game of Thrones production company duo Bighead Little head and will be one of many projects in their overall business with Netflix after the feature film Metal Lords. 

When will the Three-Body Problem be released on Netflix?

We don’t have official information on the release date of the three body issue, but if the first season goes into production in 2021, it could be released sometime in 2022.

Major Casts:

We currently have no sci-fi drama cast members.

Number Of Episodes:

No official number has been given, but it could be argued that the first season of The Three-Body Problem could consist of eight or ten hours of episodes, depending on which Netflix number is the most frequent.

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What is the production status of the Three-Body Problem?

No production date is known at this time, but we do know that David Benioff and DB Weiss can control the production of their feature film Metal Lords in Fall and Winter 2020, so the issue of three bodies being produced sometime in 2021 would be a logical assumption.

Anticipated Plot line:

The three books in his trilogy, written by Chinese writer Liu Qixing, tell the story of the first human contact with extraterrestrial life on this planet, called Trisolaris, and the conflict between two species that arose over the years. Disappointed with the government and humanity in general, Ye Wenji was a scientist who was willing to lead the Trisolaria to find a place on earth and prepare for an invasion. It took them several centuries to reach Earth so humans would still have time.
Years later, Ye is the leader of a secret organization made up of extraterrestrial invasion supporters. The group is split into two factions: those who want Trisolaria to invade humanity and forcibly fix it, and those who want Trisolaria to destroy humanity. The aliens have carried out various forms of espionage over the years leading to mysterious deaths, suicides, and the disappearance of important scientific figures. Over the years the conflict has grown closer and more tense.