Tiny Pretty Things


Tiny Pretty Things is the kind of escape the world should shut down in 2020, with a mix of addicting great ballet shows and incredible scandals that are (hopefully) so far from real life that you can’t look away. 10 episodes in a row. Netflix’s latest series YA, based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Daniel Clayton, has been repeatedly depicted as a cross between Black Swan and Good Little Liars. It’s a show that literally blows you away from the first episode – or more possibly the first few minutes – so you’ll have to invest quite a bit in figuring out who the stellar ballerina is and actually get hooked on the perfectly choreographed dance scene. To be honest, with its adorable lines, almost incredible storylines, and amazing dance breaks, the only downside of this show is that there’s nothing left. Luckily, we’ll be getting another episode of Tiny Pretty Things in the near future – here’s what we know so far for the second season of the series.

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Is Netflix extending Tiny Pretty Things for a second season?

Although the show’s new episodes are not yet in development, they will likely be out soon based on how popular Tiny Pretty Things is with viewers. Netflix doesn’t follow a strict schedule when it comes to updating original productions: sometimes new seasons are ordered within days of their previous premiere, and sometimes updates are just months later. In general, it’s a good time to turn on Tiny Pretty Things message notifications and hope that the news will come sooner rather than later.

When will season two premiere?

If Netflix decides to turn its attention to another series of episodes that follow students from the prestigious (and fictional) Chicago ballet school, it may take a year or two before they arrive.
Depending on how long it will take to continue work on the show, it may take another year and a half for the second season to premiere and set a release date for mid-2022.

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What’s season two for?

Netflix’s decision to update Tiny Pretty Things could be made a lot easier by the fact that the book on which it is based has a sequel that is sure to be available for the new season’s content. Shiny Broken Pieces started right where their predecessors left off. Bette, June, and Neveah (Gigi in the book), now all grown up at ASB, are focused on winning lead roles in the school’s annual showcase for a place at a major ballet company upon graduation. If you think Tiny Pretty Things is a tale of super intense competition, just wait to see what happens when you add certain ballerina wishes to avenge last year’s events. Let’s just say that your least concern might be knocked off the roof of the school this time.