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To Your Eternity Episode 15: Release Date and Other Details!!!



To Your Eternity Episode 15

To Your Eternity Episode 15: For the USA, UK, and the rest of the globe, both the subtitled and the dubbed formats, the late “To Your Eternity” episode 15 release date and timings have been set.

To Your Eternity Episode 15:

The next episode will be aired on July 26, 2021. The English dubbed version will be released on September 6, 2021. Viewers get one dubbed episode every Monday.

To Your Eternity Episode 14:

The participants were instructed that the guys may use any weaponry they wanted. The champion is the last one to stand. He must live and be triumphant, Fushi understands. The announcer was penetrated by an arrow and immediately killed. For group 1 combatants, the entry door is opened for the battlefield. As they rush towards the platform, Fushi was shoved on and dropped on the knees. The man who killed the announcer suggested that the struggle may ensue, but he got slain.

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The males within the arena start killing each other as Fushi seeks to rise. Fushi looks in and sees it’s murdering or getting slaughtered. One of the guys took a big hit from the Axe and he died. The spectators question what the child wants her since he will not stay for a second. Fushi is getting into the arena. The girl praises Fushi, and he looks behind the man who murdered everyone. The guy took over a fighter and branded him as Fushi as if he was lost.

He shoots a gun at Fushi’s forehead and it gets through his head.

What is the story of To Your Eternity?

Fushi sacrificed everyone he loved in his life, and after encountering the makers, Piran chose to journey with him. Fushi left the family; with his monstrous brother Gugu with whom he was brought up. He and the elder Piran went to a weird island, but split. While his incarceration Fushi met another person and escaped jointly.

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A girl assured Fushi that he would win the competition and that would set him free. They both observed a huge bunch of combatants, and Fushi was told by the girl that this is the main event in the land. The girl says everybody is hungry to achieve, and if Fushi succeeds, he’s going to gain all of the privileges on the isle. The victor is the king, too, and gets the princess kidnapped.

Fushi embraced the opportunity to join because he wished to save Piran. After the victory, Fushi thinks about what he’ll do.

The voiceovers of To Your Eternity:

  • Fushi by Reiji Kawashima.
  • March by Rie Hikisaka.
  • Parona by Aya Uchida.
  • Pioran by Rikako Aikawa.
  • Hayase by Mitsuki Saiga.
  • The Beholder by Kenjiro Tsuda.
  • Gugu by Taku Yashiro.

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