Top 10 Movies

For some inexplicable reason, Amy Adams hasn’t won an Oscar. She’s received multiple Golden Globes and multiple Oscar nominations, of course – but the obvious omission of her standout resume is the highest form of recognition for her outstanding talent as an actress: Oscar for best actress, eminent actress, or something else. For more than 50 projects in film and television, Amy Adams showcases some of the game’s best shows. Most actors are lucky if they have five or more memorable roles. Here we’ve outlined their top ten accomplishments, but make no mistake: there’s more where this comes from.

1. Sharp object

Sharp Objects will premiere on HBO in the summer of 2018 and come from the awareness behind hits like Gone Girl and Big Little Lies. She played Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson as a mother-daughter couple who were dysfunctional. The former, a journalist, has returned to his hometown to cover the forced killings.

2. Her

After a growing adaptation of the hit children’s book Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Yonze embarked on an original project that would become his first solo project to write and direct a feature film. The film titled “She” sees Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with AI and Amy Adams as his closest friends. This is the love story of our time, and Adams has never been more convincing.

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3. The Master

There’s no doubt that Adams has worked with some of the best directors in the game – Guru, from writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson, got the actress to play the half of the crazy but still charismatic couple that makes the “Cause” cult thing accountable. Adams confronts Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix and kills them from the park.

4. Doubt

For the first time as an actor with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep (with whom he will appear as “Julie and Julia” Nora Efron), it is doubtful that Adam’s sister plays James: a devout Catholic nun who she finds herself in the midst of the Controversy.

5. Nocturnal animals

Screenwriter and director Tom Ford are best known for being a designer – of course, his films offer exquisite sets and costumes, combined with awe-inspiring and maddening action. Nocturnal Animals, her second role, sees Adams haunted by her ex-husband’s script.

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6. Arrival

One of the many opportunities for Adams to win an Oscar nomination, “Arrival,” is Denis Villeneuve’s 2016 sci-fi drama about a linguist who translates messages from an attacking alien race. It’s a simple sci-fi film that’s unconventional in its own unique way, and Adams is excellent. This is really the best part of its function.

7. The Fighter

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg have received a lot of praise as actors, but their star on The Fighter, Amy Adams, deserves to join their ranks. David O. Russell is a dubious director, but one of the best decisions he’s ever made was to include Adams in his 2010 boxing drama. The film had its problems, but Adams certainly didn’t.

8. The Muppets

Don’t fire Adams on The Muppets – just because it’s aimed at kids doesn’t mean adults can’t get anything out of this film. Jason Segel is very happy that he can be here, and Adams did a great job with his humorous script. To the extent that the sequel to the film was sorely lacking due to its flaws.

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9. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Amy Adams, her earliest role in another comedy (she was in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Remember?), Got the debut she deserved in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Originally presented but ultimately considered a cult classic, this film enters a deadly beauty pageant in a small town.

10. Enchanted

Enchanted turned all of the Disney princess curiosity and charm into the Mary Poppins of the 2000s, seeing Amy Adams as one of the studio’s earliest princesses. She plays Giselle, an animated woman living in modern New York who goes from a cartoon to a real person. It’s awesome and Adams is the definition of captivating here