Top 5 Best Baseball Movies

Baseball is older than the film itself, and the first baseball films featured famous baseball players like the stars themselves. McGraw has actually appeared in dozens of films over the past decade. The film industry is trying to take over America, and nothing is more American than baseball.

Some of the most popular movies have been about baseball for over 100 years, and why not? The story of baseball is the story of our times, with heroes and villains, fame and scandal, victories and failures, comedy and tragedy. It remains the most cinematic of our sport because it is mostly about people and their weaknesses and their fame. If baseball never existed, the film had to create it.

So, it’s pretty hard to sit down and make a list of the top 25 baseball movies ever made. You have to consider its historical significance in the history of movie legends … but also, hey, this is baseball: it has to be fun. I’m sure there aren’t any films here to make your list. But for me, these are the 25 baseball movies that best reflect that sport, both on-screen and in the real world. Remember: baseball doesn’t cry, but baseball movies do cry sometimes.

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1. Bull Durham (1988)

Conversation on the hill. The trick to getting out of the drop. Management motivation tactics. Which hand should you swing in battle? The only thing better than watching this movie is a real baseball game. And hardly.

2. A league of their own (1992)

A film that, like some other films, has baseball through its bone and tells a great story that few people know about. The cast is great from top to bottom – even Madonna is good! – and the film was lucky enough to have Tom Hanks as its dirty manager before he became the greatest film star in the world.

3. The Pride of the Yankees (1942)

Gary Cooper instantly became a Lou Gehrig icon – people still think Gehrig looks like Cooper – and let’s not forget that great picture of Babe Ruth from … Babe Ruth!

4. Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)

One of the best baseball players there, including Robert De Niro, then not known as a kind but the weak hunter who contracted an incurable disease and developed friendships with the team’s intellectual pitcher.

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5. Everyone wants Some!! (2016)

When it came out a few years ago (many people thought Richard Linklater’s successor to Boyhood was much more serious than before), this was one of the most fun and quiet moves considering what it meant to be in Tim’s college baseball ever. And we will see this actor in 20 years as we see in the cast of Stunned and Confused now.