Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy is an interesting crime series. Ronan Bennett created the series. The story contains various criminal stories. There is a growing tension between drug gangs and humans. In the series, drug groups operate in the area fearlessly. The audience loves this series with all their heart. With all the previous seasons, fans are now looking forward to Top Boy Season 4. Here’s everything you need to know about Top Boy Season 4.

Top Boy Season 4 – Release Date

Filming for Top Boy Season4 should start in the spring of 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything has stopped. We can expect Top Boy Season 4 to air as soon as the producers resume filming. Hope the fans see their favorite series on the air soon. 

Top Boy Season 4 – plot

There is no official information about the plot of Top Boy Season4. There are many theories that revolve around the same thing. Dusan and Sully will most likely comply when running Summerhouse. The couple can bond with Jamie one way or another. You all must know the function of the drug business in general. There will be more twists and turns in Top Boy Season 4. We’ll keep you updated with official information about it.

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Top Boy Season 4 – Cast

The old cast is expected to return to Top4 Season4. These include Michael Ward as Jamie, Kane Robinson as Sully, Ashley Thomas as Jermaine Newton, Ashley Walters as Dushan, Richie Campbell as Chris, Joseph Altin as Lee, Simby Adjikavo as Shelley, Jasmine Jobson as Jack, Giacomo Mancini Dwan as Lizzie, Isla Jackson-Ritchie as Sarah and Malcolm Camulete as Ra’Nell Smith. 

That’s all you need to know about Top Boy season 4. More updates can be found later