Top Six Oscar

On 25th, April 2021 the 93 Academy Awards will take place. They were originally supposed to take place on February 28, before the ceremony, and the eligibility period was postponed by two months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Entertainment website The Wrap today announced that the Academy’s 93rd Annual Awards, also known as Oscar, has nominated a total of 27 films for an animated feature film. This includes six anime films.

1) Demon Slayer: The Movie: Mugen Train

This is one of Japan’s most prosperous film to date. “Demon Slayer”, an anime and manga series, was well received by many fans. The title was voted the second most popular manga of all time in Asahi TV’s poll after “One Piece”. Mugen’s move broke many records when it premiered last year. It became the highest-grossing film in Japan, beating Studio Ghibli’s 2001 box office film “Spiritualized” when it grossed $ 305 million, according to Variety. This film follows a Japanese boy who seeks revenge on a demon who killed his family. The results of the nominations will be announced on March 25, Geek Culture reported. As “Demon Slayer: The Movie: Mugen Train” goes through the voting process, it will be the sixth anime film to receive a nomination in two years, most recently the Studio Chizu anime film “Mirai”.

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2) Aya And The Witch:

Based on the book Earwig and the Witch by the late Howls Moving Castle author Diana Wine Jones, this film tells the story of an orphan named Aya, whose adoptive parents are witches and live in a disturbing house. However, the story describes in detail how Ava connected and connected with spirits. The film is directed by Goro Miyazaki, who is the son of Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki, and represents a major change from Ghibli’s visual style which usually relies on quicker and clearer details.

3) Um ein Schnurrhaar

Um ein Schnurrhaar also had the opportunity to be nominated for the coveted film award. This is the story of a strange girl who turns into a cat to attract the attention of her love. But before he knew it, the lines between humans and animals started to blur.

4) Lupine III. The FIRST

It begins on a tremendous exploration to unearth the mysteries of Bresson’s diary, which is correlated to the birthright of his famous grandfather.

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5) Ride Your Waves:

This is the story of 19-year-old Hinako Mukayimizu, who moves to a seaside town to go to college and pursue her hobby, surfing, without thinking too much about her future. Her new home when caught fire, she was protected by Minato Hinageshi, who is a 21-year-old firefighter with a strong sense of justice.

6) ON-GAKU: Our Sound:

The film’s minimalist expression is a 71-minute monochrome animation game for three students in one group. He solves a large-budget Japanese cloned anime form filled with confusing science fiction puzzles or complicated time shifts. But what makes his breakthrough easy for Western audiences is probably the meticulous references and characters of rock, as silly as any actor Aki Kaurismaki.