Top5 Female Warriors Movies

This year our master-captain Marvel, it is still surprising that action films are seen as a genre that is not only dominated by male characters but is sought after by female viewers. Wonder Woman broke box office records, Kill Bill remained a popular classic, and Hanna was such an iconic favorite that she didn’t get her own series, Amazon, until that year.

Even so, some men are just men. To prove conclusively that women don’t just kick butt in the action genre, but also attract large audiences from across the gender spectrum to watch, here is a list of 23 of the greatest action films of all time. who missed female characters as strong stars. Welcome to the community.

1). Captain Marvel

Shit, Captain Marvel! Just as some fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fear that there won’t be a one-time film about superheroes, Bree Larson is here to save the day – no, the galaxy. And he’s so strong that in Avengers: Endgame he even kept his distance because he might end the film too soon. He is very kind.

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2). Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron (who appears later on this list, how bad she is) plays the role of a brilliant, ruthless, doing what she wants, an elite spy. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it, but beware: most of the film is rated NC-17 – partly for including some weird choking sex scenes, but mostly for unbroken blood and courage.

3). Annihilation

Forget female roles: this film has a handful. Gina Rodriguez, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Lee, Tuva Novotny, and Tessa Thompson act as a team of scientists and military personnel sent to study a rapidly growing alien … something … called “Shine”. What they find in them is beautiful, terrifying and mysterious – sometimes all at once.

4). V for Vendetta

First of all, this movie was made by nuns, so it’s been really bad. Second, her version of the dystopian, refined fascist society full of fake news only became more relevant after its release in 2005. And third, Natalie Portman shaved her head when her character Evie became a gentle follower. the rules in a revolutionary leader. It is very cool.

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5). Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Who can forget how bad Angelina is like Lara Croft? Nothing, that’s who. Although the film has restarted, this time starring the ever-beautiful Alicia Vikander, the character perceptions of Jolie’s video games brought the franchise to the silver screen first – and we thank her for that.