Like most animes, Toradora 1 started as a light novel. This light novel series was created by Yuyuko Takemiya and the illustrations were done by Yasu. The anime, which is based on these novels, is directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. The animation studio called J.C Staff is producing it. The show only has one season till now with a total of 25 episodes. The anime made its debut on 12nr October  2008. The episodes continued airing till 26th March 2009.

People who have watched Toradora! Have described the show’s characters as being fresh and unlike anything the anime lovers have seen before. The strength of these characters is that their actions become relatable for many of us and thus they characters themselves become lovable. This anime is definitely going to bring the viewer back to his/her high school days. The soundtracks are praiseworthy too. Toradora! Might start off as your mainstream rom-com show but it quickly manages to make an emotional connection with you.

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When will the second season come out?

As mentioned before the last episodes of Toradora! Season 1 was released on 26th March 2009. So, it is quite disappointing for the fans who kept on waiting for another season because it has been almost a decade since the first season came out. Not to say that there haven’t been any speculations about the series but there are no confirmations about the show yet. The studio in question, J.C Staff has remained mum about this issue and has been very busy with other upcoming projects.

But the die-hard fans still keep on hoping for another installment. This anime is indeed a special case for the rom-com genre. seems to hold a special place in the heart of anime lovers. If the second season doesn’t come out, people can always resort to reading the light novel series.