Tribes Of Europa Season 1

What’s the show for? When will it come out? Is It Worth Looking At? Let’s find out more about Tribes Of Europa: release dates, trailers and more! In 2070, three brothers and sisters set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe that crushed it into many small nations fighting for supremacy.

A sensational new German initial procession is arriving to Netflix in 2021! Tribes of Europa, a six-part dystopian sci-fi series, will have a large following in February. Here we have everything that you require need to know about Tribes of Europa comprising the Netflix story, cast, campers and publishing dates. Tribes of Europa is an upcoming German sci-fi series Netflix Original and the 12th German Netflix series in general. Netflix has had tremendous success with other German originals like Dark and Barbarian of late, and we hope European tribes will follow in their footsteps.

 Netflix Release Date

Thanks to the release of the trailer, it’s been confirmed that the Tribes of Europa will arrive on Netflix on Friday, February 19, 2021.

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The procession will be accessible to stream on Netflix worldwide.

What’s the show for?

In the near future, in 2074, the continent is divided into several tribal nations that are fighting for control. Three brothers and sisters, Kiano, Liv and Elijah, are caught in a conflict when they have a mysterious dice.

Cast of “Tribes of Europa” Season 1

On the show we will see Henriette Conturius, Oliver Masuchi and David Ali Rashed. We also have Jeanette Hain, Robert Maaser and Anon Mall. With them we will see Kendrick Ong, Leona Paraminski and Christoph Rai. In season one we will also see Anna Ularu, Adam Vakula and many others.

How many episodes will the first season have?

Season 1 will consist of 6 episodes. All episodes will be available worldwide in English and German on Netflix

In what languages ​​will Tribes Of Europa be available?

Judging from what can be seen in the trailer, the two languages ​​that will be used throughout the series are English and German.

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Will Tribes Of Europa be able to broadcast in 4K?

Nearly every new original version of Netflix is ​​available to stream in 4K. To watch Tribes of Europa in 4K, you need a premium Netflix subscription, a 4K device, and an internet connection that supports 25 Mbps.