Trinity Seven Season 2

Kenji Saitō has created a hit fantasy manga series called Trinity Seven. The art has been done by AkinariNao. There is an anime series based on it too. Seven Arcs Pictures has adapted the series and the show was aired on TV Tokyo. The first season was released on October 8, 2014. There was also an OVA (original video animation) episode and also two films. Fans enjoyed the first season and are eagerly waiting for news of the second one.

What is the story about?

The day of the Black Sun changes everything for ArataKasuga, who was used to a normal life. After that day, the Breakdown Phenomenon had ruined his hometown and separated his childhood friend Hijiri from him. Through the magical reconstruction of his normal life and erasing his memories of the destruction, Arata is granted his wish. But the breaking of the spell by mage Lilith Asami leads Arata to regain his memories and realize that Hijiri is not dead. Arata is determined to find her again so he decides that becoming a mage is the only viable option.
At this point in the story, Trinity Seven is introduced to him and we get to see Arata navigate his new circumstances. He also meets Arin, a member of the Trinity Seven, who looks just like Hijiri but possesses an entirely different personality.

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What about the release date?

The first season of Trinity Seven was followed by two movies, but there was no hint of another season. Fans will be delighted to know, if they don’t already, that the next season has been confirmed back in 2019. But the team did not stick with the original release date of 11th April 2019 for unknown reasons. The anime experts say that the show might release some time around 2021. Keep your ears open because the next season will surely keep you entertained.

Who is in it?

The cast for the show includes the voice actors of the main characters. The main characters of the show are
• ArataKasuga
• HijiriKasuga
• Lilith Asami
• ArinKannazuki