Trinkets Season 3

Kristen Smith is a famous novelist and screenwriter who has already created big hits like Legally Blonde and Ella Enchanted. Now, her novel called “Trinkets”, written in 2013, ks adapted into a television show. Amy Andelson, Kristen Smith, and Emily Meyer have created the teen drama with the same name. Trinkets made its debut on Netflix on 14th June 2019. It had a positive response so the show was renewed in 2019. The second season will be definitely coming. We have only one season till now with 10 episodes. The team of producers for the show includes Don Dunn, Scott Levine, and Melanie Kirk. Fans may get the second season very soon.

What is the plot of the series?

Friendships can have weird beginnings and in this show, Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha certainly know that. They met at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. These three friends have very different personalities and live but they still manage to be good friends. All of them prefer to keep this friendship a secret and in school, they put on different personas. The strong bond of the trio originates from the problem of shoplifting. They make a challenge to see who can steal the most from the shops and this leads to Elodie endangering her future for some “trinkets”. They also support each other and the viewers get to see the journey of three teenage girls as they learn to navigate love and life.

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What about the upcoming seasons?

As we have already informed you, the second season of Trinkets is surely happening. The show was renewed for a second season back in last year and the pandemic has interfered with the schedule of release. The second season will most likely reach our screens by 25th August 2020. Even though the wait is not long, there is bad news too. The second season of Trinkets will also be the final season. Netflix has announced that there will not be any more seasons of the show. We can only hope that the second season can give the fans a natural conclusion for the unlikely trio.