Trinkets Season 3

Season 2 will be available on Netflix for the fans to binge very soon. But will the streaming giant greenlight another season? Let’s get into it! Kristen Smith wrote a novel named Trinkets in 2013. The American series is based on said novel. Smit along with Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer has created this teen drama, which made its debut on 14th June 2019. The second season was just recently released on 25th August 2020. Fans are already looking forward to the third season.

What is the plot?

Three girls form an unexpected bond in a Shoplifters Anonymous Meeting. These people have different personalities and they rarely acknowledge their friendship in school. But the bond they form help them through their problems with family as well as issues at school. Fans are forever grateful to Kristen Smith for giving the idea for this series as it explores the familiar themes of friendship at the most unlikely places, as it happens in real life.

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What about season 3?

It is unfortunate that the creators have decided that the second season will also be the last season of Trinkets. It will not be getting a third installment. This has been announced by Netflix. The news was conveyed through the official twitter account. It stated in simple terms that the second season coming out in2020 will be the last one. The second season had a quick renewal, but it seems that the story ends here.

It’s a shame because the fans will not get to see the trio together again. Three teenage girls united by their common disease of kleptomania was an interesting premise for the audience. The show did a good job of depicting the friendship of girls who came from widely different backgrounds.

Who is in the cast?

Season 2 will be the end of Trinkets so the creators will have to manage and tie up all the loose ends of the previous season. The main cast will be returning for the second season.

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Brianna Hildebrand will play Elodie

Kiana Madeira will play Moe

Quintessa Swindell will play Tabitha.