true detective season 4

Nic Pizzolatto has created as well as written the anthology series called “True Detective”. The first season of the series was premiered on the HBO network, on 12th January 2014. Each season of the series has a narrative that is self-contained, with different cast members. This crime drama has 3 seasons till now, and the fans are waiting for a fourth installment. Each episode has a span of about an hour to 87 minutes. Each season has had a different producer. Season 1 was produced by Carol Cuddy, the second season was taken over by Aida Rodgers and the third installment was produced by Peter Feldman. The story of “True Detective” is centered on two detectives from Louisiana State Police.he two officers are focused on finding a serial killer.

What about the reviews?

When the first season was released, the show got many positive reviews, with some of the critics stating that “True Detective” was the best show of that year. Season one had an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The show was noteworthy because of the amazing cast, their excellent performances, and the style with which the plot is presented. It makes it difficult for the viewer to turn away. There are many crime dramas out there, but the truly captivating ones always stand out. True Detective happens to be one of them.

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Unfortunately, the second season didn’t do well. Many critics thought that it didn’t have the same excellence as the first season. The bad reviews were focused on the confusing plot and the weak dialogue. On Rotten Tomatoes, the approval ratings dropped down to 64%. But season three managed to turn it all around. The third installment revived the show and “True Detective” was praised yet again. This season was more concerned with the real events and even though this angle was responsible for losing some of the strangeness, the plot still worked. On top of that, Mahershala Ali delivered an amazing performance.

What about season 4?

The series has not been renewed yet. But that doesn’t mean that season 4 will not happen. But, that means we do not have an official release date yet for the new season. Season 4 is expected to follow the common anthology format of the previous seasons.