Twisted Sisters Season 2

An American Crime TV series “Twisted Sisters” was produced by Khloe Kardashian, David Hale, Dan Snook, and Stephanie Noonan.

The Kardashian sisters have made no mystery of their love of true crime. Kim Kardashian together with her husband Kanye West just indicated that they have bedtime True-Crime story conferences. Where they discuss their various imaginative programs while pitching about killers and kidnappings. They also admitted that they were addicted to the popular podcast Serial.

About the series “Twisted Sisters”

The Kardashians produced Series “Twisted Sisters” brought something new to the true crime genre. Rather than having Killer husbands or deranged wives, it mainly concentrates on killer sisters.
So now, neither Kardashian nor her siblings have ever been implicated in any sister on sister turmoil. But in this series, we have seen play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Therefore, it’s comfortable to say she knows something about the complex relationship between things. We also see in the series that some of the episodes concentrate on Crimes sisters dedicated together. with others handling with sisters who trigger each other.

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Release Date

Celebrations of True Crime couldn’t get adequate of the stories of sisters gone bad. So the inquiry Discovery is bringing “Twisted Sisters” back for Season 2. Even they promised more alarming and problematic crimes this time around. The second season of “Twisted Sisters” was released on 12th August 2019.

Major Casts and Characters

• Stuart Todd Martin as Officer Simmons
• Mark Krenik as Bill Undercover Agent
• Aundrea Smith as Young Jossie
• Yo Ying as Simone Verellen
• Jerry Rector as Richard Halstead
• Emily Angela as Young Lonnie
• Brady Carville as Ford
• Colt Carville as Justin
• Shanai Erdem as Gail Bullen
• Nicole Gilbert as Diane Hart
• Taryn Leggett as Theresa
• Matthew Last as Leo Halstead
• Tanner Larsen as Young Duane
• Connor Keene as David Greene
• Chloe Marie Hart as Young Vicki

The plot of “Twisted Sisters” Season 2

The series concentrates on an appraisal of popular crimes performed by the controversial sets of sisters.

Ten hour-long episodes will tell you about troubling tales of crime, desire, and shockingly companionship. And when these kindred hearts joined together it becomes killers who work together to commit a crime.
The show received 6.6 out of 10 in IMDB ratings.