Undercover Season 2


Characters from recurring TV shows feel like you’ve been reunited with an old friend. People you haven’t seen for a long time may not like this. However, whenever the next series returns for a new season, expectations are raised.
The advent of rough play expands the underworld realm in Season 1 by adding new features. The hidden couple is currently spying on illegal arms dealers who claim to be poor and raise livestock. The coverage is good, the risk is high, and the path to justice is very narrow and dangerous.

The explosive season premiere created a very good mood throughout the series. Beginning with a meeting between Belgian secret agent Bob Lemmens (Tom Waes) and former Dutch official Kim De Roy (Anna Drijver).

Apparently, they have not seen each other for at least several years. Kim currently works as a human rights reporter in Brussels, reporting on illegal arms traffickers moving weapons from Ukraine to Syria. Kim asked Bob to find a mobile phone number, which he later found in Ukraine. From the end of the first season, their lives continued. They are very happy to meet you and fondly remember the time spent together. At this point, he begins to believe that the two will soon carry out another covert operation, which Nico Mulenar was investigating based on the case and the author of the document. Kim was shot by a motorcyclist.

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Undercover Season 2 Kim’s Death

Kim’s death leads to revenge on those who encounter Bob. Authorities suspect Dutch king Perry Bouman (Frank Lamus), who was originally imprisoned, is to blame, but Bob follows the advice previously given to Kim with a tractor to visit a horse farm called Eldorado. There he meets his magnificent host, a fan of cowboy culture, Laurent Berger (Wim Willart), and then his cruel brother Jean-Pierre “JP” (Sebastian Dewaele). Bergers operates arms smuggling operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Bob and his former boss Nick Jensens (Manou Kersting) have teamed up with Patrick Diericks (Jeroen Van der Ven) to infiltrate the organization with invisible employees and destroy Bergers.

Many plot twists have been collected in the last two episodes of Undercover, bringing the episode to a satisfactory conclusion. After Kim’s death, a new female character appeared on the series, Nathalie Geudens (Ruth Becquart). An addict, he has a son named Jackson (Celest Henri Cornelis) and Laurent, but the child does not know who his father is. She worked in a bar for Laurent, and she had to raise her son into a family.