United Shades of America

United Shades of America is one of a kind, documentary based television series. Comedian W. Kamau Bell is the presenter of the show. The critics and the audience love the show alike. The show is the recipient of three Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program at the 69th, 70th, and 71st, Primetime Emmy Awards. The series premiered on April 24, 2016. 

About the Host, W. Kamau Bell:

W. Kamau Bell is a comedian, famous for raising social-political issues in America. Apart from being the host and the presenter of the show, Bell is as well, the producer of the show. Apart from this, Kamau is also known for his standup comedy, streaming on Netflix by the title, “Private School Negro”. W. Kamau Bell is also well known for raising the concern of cultural discrimination through his satires and stand up comedy sessions. He is also the director of the critically acclaimed documentary, “Cultureshock: Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain.” 

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United Shades of America
Source: Paste Magazine

About the show United Shades of America:

W. Kamau Bell played very cleverly with the name of the show. The show focuses on Bell exploring the cultural variety of the United States of America. He goes on the exploration of different cultures, breaking and challenging the stereotypes. He raised many issues, which generally people fail to notice or ignore. Bell also breaks the common stereotype and rudimentary thinking of people regarding a particular class, race, or nationality.

His adventures sometimes lead him to unpredictable situations, which are humorous. Kamau Bell used his humor in the right direction, in bringing the concern to the racism in a very humorous way.

United Shades of America, Coming for the sixth time?

CNN and HLN announced that United Shades of America’s renewal for one more season.  The fifth episode of the show premiered recently on 26 April 2020. Due to the COVID pandemic, the rumors were that the sixth season won’t be aired anytime soon. But according to the recent announcement, the sixth episode is on the way. Although, there was no announcement on the release date. We can expect the show to hit the screen by the end of 2021.