unorthodox season 2

The show named Unorthodox might be the first show to be set in Yiddish that features on Netflix. It is a German-American miniseries. The show tells us the story of Etsy who has seemingly abandoned her roots. The first season came out this year in March and people have been binge-watching all the episodes at one go. Nobody can blame them as Unorthodox is indeed a gripping series. It is indeed no surprise that the fans are looking for the next installment of the series.

Will there be another season of Unorthodox?

Right at this moment, we do not have news about the renewal of the show. Netflix hasn’t said anything about the renewal of Unorthodox. The first season of this show has just come ut in March of this year so it is a bit early to be expecting a new season this year. According to Netflix’s schedule, we can guess that Netflix may release the news sometime late this year. The show’s status of renewal depends on the ratings of the show which are not going to be disclosed by the global streaming giant.

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But there are still many reasons for hope because the four-part series has enjoyed some time in the list of Netflix’s top ten shows and fans all over the world have raised this show. So there is a very good chance of Netflix green-lighting the second season. Unorthodox event has a rating of eight out of ten on IMDb. It even has a 92 percent score in Rotten Tomatoes. This show is adapted from a Feld man memoir named “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots”. The ending episodes of season one did not have a cliffhanger. Instead, it ended on an open note with multiple loose ends. That is a good signal for an upcoming season. The cast and crew can make an easy return in this current setup.

The audience still does not know about whether Etsy got into music school or whether she decided to go through with her pregnancy.

What is the official news?

Sadly, the producer of this show named Anna Winger has already announced that they are not going to do a sequel for this show because they feel that the story has met its end. The team has always intended this to be a mini-series.