Utopia Season 5

Utopia Season 5

Rob Stich directed a series called Utopia which was released back in 2014. The series has 4 seasons till now and fans are waiting for the fifth one. The show was produced by Working Dog Productions and it was premiered on ABC network. Rob Stich, Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner (founding members of Working Dog Productions) have written and directed Utopia. Utopia has good reviews and is described by The Conversation as light but also sharp and full of wit. The cast is exceptionally talented and the writing is perfect for the show. This horribly funny satire has a fresh and contemporary feel to it. It is better than the stage show, The Speechmaker, which was also produced by Working Dog Productions. Utopia has also won the Best Television Comedy Series in 2015.

Utopia Season 5 About

Nation Building Authority is a new government organization that has the responsibility of supervision of major infrastructure projects. The show is centered around a team of bureaucrats. They have the job of guiding big building projects from the start to finish. We get to see self-interest, a publicity stunt and so much more in the series.
As the story progresses, the viewers get to watch the office members being infatuated with different fads. In one such episode, everyone gets obsessed with exercise and in another one, Amy gets intensely involved in change the office atmosphere and hires an indoor plant consultant. Yet another episode focuses on an employee being overly enthusiastic about online projects.
You get to see what happens when dreams meet bureaucracy in the show.

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When is the release date?

Utopia doesn’t have an official release date yet. It is not even renewed yet.

Who is in it?

The central cast consists of
• Rob Stich as Tony Woodford, the exasperated boss who is unsatisfied with his work
• Anthony Lehmann as Jim Gibson. He is connected to the government and is highly enthusiastic about new projects.
• Celia Pacquola as Nat Russell, she is one of the few competent people in the office
• Dave Lawson as Scott Byrnes
• Kitty Flanagan as Rhonda Stewart. She is the media manager
• Emma Louise Wilson as Katie Norris