Vagrant Queen Season 2

Vagrant Queen is American science fiction. The series debuted on March 27, 2020, on Syfy. Vagrant Queen is an adaption of the Vault comic book series written by Magdalene Visaggio. The series received mixed reviews from the audience and the critics alike. 

The show somehow follows the paradigm of the shows like Cowboy Bepopdefying and shattering the normal though the process of males being the protagonist of a science fiction adventures. Jem Garrard is the creator of the series.  The latest episode of the series premiered on June 4, 2020.

Plot and Review:

The story is about Elida. Elida is the daughter of the Queen who loses her throne in a violent accident. The kingdom gets under the attack by the revolutionaries, who have decided to kill every single member of the royal family. So, Elida escapes the attack and grows up under disguise as an Outlaw. Everything was fine, unless, Isaac, Elida’s childhood friend somehow finds her. Issac tells her that her mother is alive and she is a hostage. So, they will have to find a way to rescue her.

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Elida agrees and sets out on an adventure to save her mother. During her explorations, she gets under the observance of Commander Lazaro. Lazaro was searching for Elida for years to kill her and end the royal bloodline once for all. The series appeals to the mass audience who fell out of place sometimes. On the other hand, the series is also for the audience who enjoy the fast-paced action and a tight plot.

Vagrant Queen Cancelled for the Second Season:

For the people who enjoyed the series, Vagrant Queen will not be receiving any renewal. Series creator Jem Garrard announced via his twitter handle that there will not be another season of the show. He thanked the cast and crew. The reason for the cancellation is said to be the dropping ratings of the show.


  • Adriyan Rae as Elida (Eldaya) Al-Feyr
  • Tim Rozon as Isaac Stelling
  • Alex McGregor as Amae Rali
  • Paul du Toit as Commander
  • Vash Singh as Krob
  • Colin Moss as Hath
  • Bonnie Henna as Xevelyn
  • Steven John Ward as Chaz Rali