Valvrave The Liberator

A Japanese Mecha anime series “Valvrave The Liberator” was produced by Sunrise and directed by Ko Matsuo and written by Ichiro Okouchi. In a futuristic date “Valvrave The Liberator” has been established in which three minorities divided from 70% of humanity are in battle.

Premiere Date

The first season of the series premiered on April 12, 2013, and ended on June 27, 2013, with twelve episodes.
Whereas, the second season aired between October 10, 2013, and December 26, 2013, with the same number of episodes. The series was consented in North America by Aniplex of America and was flowed with English subtitles by Crunchyroll and Hulu.
Valvrave The Liberator has a total of four manga adaptations and two light novel series. Crucial entertainment to the anime has been generally positive due to its delivery of conventional story elements often seen in the Gundam series alongside supernatural parts.


The tale takes place in an unidentified future date, referred to as the 71st year of the True Era. 70%of all human beings have departed from Earth to other planets of the Solar System and a Dyson Sphere, designed around an artificial Sun. Between two superpowers the world is divided called the Dorssia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Ring, and a neutral nation called JIOR (The Japan and Islands of Oceanian Republic) that has thrived economically. The Dyson sphere in the same year built by JIOR is occupied by the Dorssian military forces.

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The Plot

A student from Sakimori High School Haruto Tokishima living on the sphere’s “Module 77”, finds out a mysterious and powerful mecha called Valvrave and utilizes it to protect the module from an incursion of Dorssian that seizes over the rest of JIOR.
Still, after captaining it Haruto becomes an immortal who expects to feed on others. 

Let’s have a look over the Characters of “Valvrave The Liberator”

• Aina Sakurai.
• Yusuke Otamaya.
• Satomi Renbokoji.
• Takahi Ninomiya.
• Takumi Kibukawa.
• Rion Nanami.
• Iori Kitagawa.
• Juto Bansho.