Vera Season 11

Ann Cleeves, who is a crime writer, has written a series of Vera Stanhope novels. This British crime drama is based on those books. Vera was first aired on ITV. The release date for the first season was 1st May 2011. Owing to the popularity of the series, the show has had ten seasons to date. It is quite an achievement. The last season, the tenth one to be precise, has aired on 12th January 2020. Not much time has lapsed, but the fans are still getting curious about the eleventh season of their beloved show.

The protagonist of the show is Vera Stanhope. She is the detective inspector, who is near her retirement. She was with the fictional department of “Northumberland & City Police”. Vera is certainly a complicated character who can be classified as a workaholic for sure. She has her demons to fight. But that doesn’t get in the way of her work. Her calculating mind proves as a useful asset to her department. The small errors which escape everyone’s notice can only be caught by Vera’s expertise. Each episode of the series runs for about 90 minutes. The production team of the show includes Elaine Collins, Margaret Mitchell, and Ewan Rowlands.

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Will there be an eleventh season of Vera?

There is good news for the long-lasting fans. There will be the 11th season indeed. The British drama lives to tell its story again. Brenda Blethyn, the star of the show, had announced the news at the TCA press tour. The latest season of the show is also available in BritBox from 21st January. BritBox happens to be a U.S streaming service. This is fantastic news for the audience. The producer of Vera has said that the team will start working this year. Keeping that in mind, the fans will probably get to see the next season in 2021.

The series has proved to be such a success that producers are planning to remake this series in the United States. This won’t be the first time that a remake has been made of a British crime show.