Virgin River Season 2

Produced by Reel World Management, Virgin River is an American romantic – drama series based on the novel, “Virgin River” written by Robyn Carr. The series was first aired on December 6, 2019, on Netflix.
In the same month the second season of “Virgin River” was announced by its producers. This episode will have 10 episodes. The series had mixed reviews from its audience. Although it has an impressive rating of 79% by Rotten Tomatoes.



The story revolves around Mel, a nurse who had to relocate to rural northern California after referring to an ad requiring a midwife. The story starts to unfold when Mel starts discovering that the small rural town isn’t as simple as it seems.
Another reason for Mel to relocate to the northern California countryside was to forget about her past and to heal. In this small village, virgin river, she meets a mysterious man, Jack, suffering from PTSD. With whom she starts to get attracted to.

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Season 2?

Yes, Netflix is ready for the rolling out of season 2 of “Virgin River” real soon. The series was first aired on Netflix on 6th December 2019. Netflix instantly announced that there will be a second season of the series.
The show thankfully had started filming and concluded it before the Coronavirus pandemic. We can expect that the series should roll out somewhere during the festival season in 2020.

What to expect in Season 2?

In season 2, we expect that Mel and Jack get together after a girl claims that she is carrying Jack’s child. This complicated things between Jack and Mel.
Though the series is based on Robyn Carr’s literal work “Virgin River”, the curious audience can always refer to the book and hope that the story sticks to the storyline of the novel.
There have been some new introductions to the cast of the Virgin River series. Where Carmel Amit will play the role of Jamie, Thomas Nicholson as Leo Cavanagh, Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan, and some more.

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• Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe
• Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan
• Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton
• Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
• Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts
• Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea
• Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins
• Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky (season 2
• Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie (season 2)