Virgin River Season 2

The holiday season is great during the festive mood of the biggest online streamers.

Like all the other major platforms, streaming giant Netflix also has an extensive catalogue of films and holiday shows. And if you’re after a romantic drama that puts you in the holiday atmosphere right away, then ‘Virgin River,’ released in December 2019, is your show.

Sue Tenney created ‘Virgin River,’ a romantic series. For such shows as ‘Good Witch’ and ‘7th Heaven,’ Tenney is most famous. ‘Virgin River’ is about a young woman, Melinda Monroe, who recently moved to the small town of California with the same name. This storey is based loosely on Robyn Carr’s new series of the same name.

Virgin River: Cast

The series was well-received by fans after its release. Now the question arises: is there going to be a season 2 “Virgin River?” Let’s have a closer look. The lead character of Melinda Monroe is Alexandra Breckenridge. In a few comedy films like ‘She’s the man’ and ‘big fat liar’ Alexandra played in the past. And in ‘The Walking Dead’ she was later seen as Jessie Anderson and in ‘This is Us’ as Sophie.

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The most famous character of Jack Sheridan is Jack Henderson, who performs for ‘The Ring,’ and Dr Riggs for ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Jack is Monroe’s neighbour and her potential interest in love. Tim Matheson, best known for his role in ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’, plays Dr Mullins’s character. And Annette O’ Toole plays the role of Hope McCrea.

Virgin River: Season 2 Release

Season 1 of Virgin River premiered on Netflix on 6 December 2019. On the same day, all 10 episodes of the show fell. As far as another season is concerned, we know that Virgin River novel series comprises of 20 books. As a result, Robyn Carr answered “Yes absolutely”, when she was asked about potential seasons. She even hinted at the continuation of the show for years.

Well, prepare for more incredible news. In addition, Virgin River’s second instalment was renewed even before the first season premiered. On 9 September 2019, movies began, and on 17 December 2019, they finished. Therefore,¬†we’d be not wrong to say that we’re going to release another season soon. And if all falls in place, Season 2 of the ‘Virgin River’ will most likely premiere in June 2020.