Volkswagen Virtus

Volkswagen was tough for at least a year in 2019. There was no data on sales in India other than criticism received worldwide over the diesel scandal. In fact, they are no longer interested in the Indian market and are being criticized for bringing refurbished Polo and Vento back to the country. And trust me, this is what your sales data shows.

Latest Updates

Volkswagen beat Virtus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Virtus is the new 6th generation Polo limousine and technically the 2nd generation VW Vento. Virtus, like the new polo, is established on the MQB A0 outlet, a smaller edition of the popular MQB platform. The Virtus design is synonymous with the Polo and the trunk is cleverly integrated like the Vento. VW Virtus shares a polo kit with extras like a 10.3-inch digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, LED headlights, and more. It is not yet clear if the new sedan will be launched in India as a replacement for the Vento.

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Launch Date

Expected to Launch by December 2021.


The estimated price is set 15 lakh.


The new Volkswagen Virtus design looks attractive. It looks classy and is a few notches up in style compared to the Vento. On the same platform, this sedan is built. As the new Polo and of course the Polo with a trunk. This time around, the Polo is longer and the wheelbase is longer. So the Vento or VW Virtus (as they call it) is more of a boot add-on. The wheelbase is practically the same as the current Vento.


The VW Virtus has a completely new interior which can be clearly seen in the picture. Volkswagen Virtus has a large 8-inch touchscreen system. Also, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is there. Instrument panel – new LCD and digital. At the same time, it also consists of a new AC. The instrument panel is a liquid crystal display and a digital display for showing the speedometer and driver information system. The steering is currently the same as the Polo and Vento.

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Engine & Transmission

There will be a clear design difference between the Polo and the new Vento / Virtus. Although the layout is similar, Virtus offers higher quality. Now the Vento is so different from the Polo that you get a Jetta-style grill instead of the Polo. Then, while the layout remained the same, other elements changed as well. It’s the same with the new Vento. Because it is based on the lighter and much more flexible MQB A0 platform.