Volvo's V60 Cross Country

Key Points

• The V60 Cross Country follows the Volvo formula, with premium interior design and serious comfort at a reasonable price.
• It’s a little louder than we wanted. And the infotainment system is no longer class-leading, but its value is impossible to deny.
• Just like any other compact luxury car, the versatility and style of the car make it a very attractive option.

Volvo has always been known in the United States for its square and safe cars. Although SUVs have long represented the bulk of the brand’s sales, Volvo cars are the icon. And with good reason too. If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious station wagon for the whole family, Volvo is the best game in town.
And after spending a week on the V60 Cross Country’s all-wheel drive. It’s easy to recommend the Swedish wagon as a slick and stylish alternative crossover.

The Good

The most important thing to know is that this beautiful and impeccably designed wagon. That has been tested with nearly every option has a $ 56,990 sticker. Fair money, but a thousand cheaper than the last tested Mercedes C-Class or BMW 330i. This apart from a variety of similar equipment, similar performance, the practicality of the car, and excellent interior. Compared to similarly equipped SUVs such as the Mercedes GLC or the Audi Q5, Volvo is rated better.

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The Bad

While we were impressed with the Volvo Census infotainment system. It’s faster than when it started. But there is still a long start time that makes it difficult to enter, set navigation destinations, and exit. And even after spending a lot of time at Volvo over the years. It can be hard to remember where settings and switches are buried. It’s not a trade breaker, but has a learning curve and can still break even if used properly.

How We Would Option It

What we did for the All V60 Cross Country came with a T5 engine and all-wheel drive. There’s no way you can’t pay $ 645 for a paint color unless you want a plain white wagon. If you’re good at the look of 18-inch wheels. We recommend it over 19-inch wheels to save $ 800 and increase the V60’s rideability.

Final Thoughts

The V60 Cross Country hasn’t received much fanfare, in part because it’s just a continuation of what Volvo has already done. This is by no means an ideal car, but those considering a compact luxury crossover would be foolish to ignore the V60. It has almost everything you need for a discount, but never tastes cheap or half-baked. It has space, technology, and comfort to please almost anyone. The tough auto or off-road enthusiast might not be impressed, but for everyone, the V60 is a great value.