Robin Robin, a musical story, directed by his artists Dan Ojari (Slow Derek – Grand Prix: Encouraged Encounters), And Mikey Please, with Aardman’s Sarah Cox (Tate Movie Project and the BAFTA Heavy Pockets Nominated), Executive Producer and Helen Argo (Tate Movie, Wallace & Grammit ‘s Music Project) as executive producer.

They have been more popular with Shaun the Sheep, Wallace, and Gromit in overseas, but there are still plenty of American fans. With their next project, a short film called Robin Robin that will debut on streaming services around Christmas in 2020, the animation studio is now heading to Netflix. 

The premise of the film

Robin is raised by a loving mice family when her egg fortuitously rolls into a rubbish dump. Her differences are becoming more evident as she grows up. Robin leaves the heist to show her family that she can be a really good mouse – but ends up finding out who she really is. she can be really good.

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The message of the film was about “being yourself,” Sean Clarke, the managing director of Aardman, told The Guardian. The robin hatches a family of mice and is raised by them. Attempting to act like a mouse, the robin grows up. In order to look like a mouse, she fluffs her feathers and enjoys the delights of cheese, but she can not sneak into houses.

All the updates of the film

An official announcement will be made that Aardman is shooting a family film about a missing baby robin redbreast, Robin Robin. A range of woodland creatures, like woolen felt and twigs, are made from natural materials. Talking of new directions, their filmmaking materials will also be changed by Aardman. The company has traditionally used Plasticine to make the characters in their movies, but they’re going to make them from natural materials this time. It’s not clear whether this is to be more environmentally conscious or whether the use of natural materials will simply give the story’s animal characters a more stylized look.

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Animated stop-motion projects are few and far between. Perhaps Aardman will also pave the way for them to release a feature film through the streaming service by making a deal like this with Netflix. This could be the most effective way to keep the medium alive without taking a major risk from theatre release.