Little Witch Academia

Well, riding in broomsticks and flying away has been a secret wish of many, especially after the Harry Potter series became popular. Our inner child was probably disappointed when it was clear that it was never going to happen. Don’t be too sure though! Through the Japanese studio UNIVRS, Inc. and the developed technology of virtual reality, the game of Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing will get close to granting our wish.

This game is based on the popular Japanese anime show “Little Witch Academia”. The show was developed by Studio TRIGGER. And with this game, the player will take the place of a student at Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. The game will also allow the player to create their personalized character. Then the player can also choose to team up with different characters such as Sucy, Akko, Lotte, and several other people from the anime series. The game also provides voice acting by the actors in the series itself.

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When will it come out?

The studio has announced that the virtual reality-based game will be brought to Oculus Quest. The official date has also been announced. The racing game will come out on 13th October 2020. The game will have a new plotline while maintaining the setup of the magical universe of the Little Witch Academia series. The players of the game will get to choose a game and will be able to compete across ten tracks at the very least. The game also has a multiplayer mode, the player can connect with other friends online.
The creation process of the game started back in 2019 when the studio was successful in gathering funds for the game through crowdfunding. The company managed to raise about $165,000. Going by the popularity of the anime, the video game isn’t bound to fail. Netflix has already commissioned a 25 episode series.

What is the price?

The game will come out in October at the price of $29.99 in the Oculus Store.