We never learn chapter 182

Mafuyu teaches one of Sugawara no Michizane’s Tenmangu shrines. The Shrine finally was built on top of the grave of Suguwara and Nariyuki said the students were able to learn enough for the day. Since the students were bored, they were excited to say they were free at last. Nariyuki goes on walking to Mafuya and thinks about the students’ journey. Mafuyu saw Nariyuki so excited and she told him to unwind and as teachers, she had to give examples.

Mafuyu saw a holy ox on the way as they advanced and believes that it is a good fortune. She wants the students to pet her and she believes it’s her duty. Mafuyu said that the sanctuary would be good for them and that’s why she is a history teacher. Nariyuki said that. Mafuyu reveals that when she was a student she never went on a school trip. Let’s find out below what more manga updates are available here for us.

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We Never Learn Chapter 182: Plot

We have never learned of Taishi Tsutsui’s manga since the ‘If-arcs’ for various heroines was announced now the final phase in its history is on the road to Kirisu. The Mafuyu Kirisu-sensei is a confident and adorable female character amongst many fans when she wasn’t the winner in the original race. However, that arc certainly put on her face a smile.

In the weekly chapter, We never Learn Yuiga and his classes on field trips together with Kirisu-Sensei titled “The Queen of Thin Ice Part 4. She drinks too much sake accidentally and finishes in Yuiga’s room accidentally. Yuiga admits his love for her at the end of the chapter and it shocks her.

We Never Learn Chapter 182: Premiere

Chapter 182 is scheduled for release in the 50th edition of this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump on Sunday, 15 November 2020, at 12:00 pm JST. Every Sunday, the manga receives a new chapter.
If all was well with no delay at the end of the moment, English translations will be available for the latest chapter.

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Spoiler Alert!

The raw scans and the spoilers have still not been written for chapter 182. Raw manga scans typically start 2-3 days before the official release and can be found in 4chan or Reddit forums online. Once the raw scans have been taken, the spoilers are also released. So we can expect that by Thursday we will never learn/we can’t study Chapter 182 of raw scans and spoilers. 12 Nov. 2020.