We Never Learn Chapter 185

The Ichinose Festival is still going on. Mayufu impresses the students by showing them that she is a sniper. She enjoys keen shooting games and says it’s easy for her to keep risking prices. Nariyuki struggled not to hit the target. As the two of them enjoy different games, they part ways and Mafuyi begins to worry. She starts to wonder about Nariyuki and where he is. But she keeps saying that it looks like she should be close to him all the time.

As he sat bored, Nariyuki came back to her. He came with Mafuyu’s former classmate. They reveal that it was Nariyuki who brought them together so they could spend time together. Mafuyu was only surprised to see him around since he was young in solitude. His friend started talking about the past, and another said that it was difficult to approach him during the day. Mafuyu is not a party girl and wants to leave Nariyuki and ask her to come with someone else.

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Release Date And Recap Of Chapter 185 of “We Never Learn”

Chapter 185 We Never Learn will be released on Sunday, December 6, 2020. The last chapter of We Never Learn is published every Sunday. Note that the manga continues to switch to the Friday issue. Spoilers for the upcoming chapter of this manga are not available.

Recap Of Chapter 184

They go and dig up the capsule that his friend has been burying for days. Inside you will find Mafuyu’s notebook. They give it and remind her how she missed the school festival and wrote notes in her notebook. She reads it and finds a love that also confesses her desire for her future skating. Somewhere they praise how beautiful she is and how one day they will meet and organize a party for a girl.  She plays the piano for everyone, and her younger sister and ant Mafuyu appear at the party. He also tells her to be true to himself about his feelings. He looked back when he was a student when Nariyuki supported him all this time. Then Nariyuki promised that one day when he grows up he will propose to her. She tells him she is too young to propose for marriage and they promise it will happen. In the past, they enjoyed the part that ended with fireworks. The two of them walk together and Mafuyu holds Nariyuki’s hand. He wonders when he started falling for Nariyuki.

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Where To Watch??

“We Never Learn” is offered on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s official Manga Plus platform. Raw scans for new chapters are published 2-3 days before each chapter is published. To help manga developers and publishers, we encourage you to read digital copies of their official websites and apps.