True Beauty Episode 8

One of the main plot points for the webcomics “True Beauty” is the relationship between Ju-kyung and So-Jun. After Su-ho left Seoul to live and help his ailing father, So-yun and Ju-kyung became good friends and, over time, started dating. Their relationship was full of ups and downs, especially because of Zhu Kyung’s low self-esteem because of his appearance when So-Jun decided to take singing seriously as a career choice.

As her popularity grew, Ju-Kyung asked her to break up with him because she couldn’t stay calm under the pressure of growing speculation about Seo-Jun’s life. The scandal could end his career, so he too began to believe that this would be for the best. Given that the series has moved away from comics, with the exception of a few notable moments, this will probably never happen on the show. However, in episode 8 we saw Seo-jun helping Ju-kyung in difficult times. As long as he can overcome his insecurities and mood swings, he will be a good friend to him. This can start something new.

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Given that Su-ho noticed the growing closeness between So-jun and Ju-kyung, and even asked if she liked him, it shows a possible split between the two main characters. The point is also that the relationship between Su-jin and Su-ho was also misunderstood by Ju-kyung, and all this could lead to a huge confrontation between Zhu-kyung and Su-ho. The only thing we look forward to the most is the first fight between Seo-jun and Su-ho.

It turns out that Su-ho can’t accept anyone but people who have feelings for Ju-Kyung because he met So-Jun exactly when he said he liked Ju-Kyung and that was after class. travelling. So the two of them fight for Ju-Kyung in the middle of nowhere, and when Su-ho Se-Jun asks why he should be Ju-Kyun, a disappointed So-Jun exclaims that he’s not sure of himself.

Of course, up to 100 chapters in the comic, there has never been a confrontation between Seo-jun and Su-ho which is the opposite of the show. So we wondered if Seo-jun’s and Ju-kyung’s characters would get the chance to get as close to them as possible in the drama comic.
This episode of “True Beauty” will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. on tvN in Seoul and can be broadcast on Viki in the United States.